Connecting with the Community

The purpose of this ministry is to connect with our community by providing technological courses and sharing the Word of God. We have seen how God blesses both the students and those who lead the camp by moving in the hearts of all who participate in the program. Let’s meet Brother Julian, a pastor in Mexico. He recently started two camps in two different neighborhoods, where he has experienced first-hand how God is opening doors to connect with his community.

Good afternoon, brothers! I want to share a little about what we have done with the programming course. It has been a nice experience to be able to learn and teach this simple programming course. We open two groups of children and adolescents. One group consists of 6 students and the other group of 4 students, we have the groups in different neighborhoods. It has cost me a bit because Im not a programer, but studying in advance I’m already understanding it. We have had a good time with the children, they are happy to learn programming in this way. There is a teenager who is in the second semester of high school and is learning programming, but he says very happy that this course is very easy and he likes it a lot. And he has allowed us to talk with them, there is even a girl who has been sharing with us some situations that have been happening on her life and that her parents do not know, this time of talk occurs when we share the issues of values.

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On the other hand, it has allowed us to have an opening with more people, in fact the parents of a girl invited us one day to eat with them, I comment on the invitation because here it is not common for them to invite you to eat unless you are a friend or have a lot of trust in you. There are some children who arrived and were very shy, but now they share more about some situations that happen in the family.

We recently started two tech camps: one for children and one for teens. Our children’s camp has six students, while our teen camp has four. Since I am not a programmer, it was challenging at first, but I have been able to teach the class with a little bit of preparation. We have had a really good time with the students, and they have enjoyed the camp! One teen, who is in high school and learning programming, says that this course is very easy to learn, and he likes it a lot!

This camp has also allowed us to get to know the students better. During our time in class, when we have our values discussions, a few kids have begun sharing some of their personal struggles. Students who were very shy at first are now participating and sharing.

We are even getting to know parents. In fact, the parents of one of our students recently invited us to their home for dinner! This does not happen regularly unless you are a friend or unless they trust you a lot.

It is exciting to see how God is working in so many ways through this tech camp!


We have been visiting a community called viborillas, we have held events for children, and on April 30 we held an event, and we invited the people who accompanied us if they wanted to take the programming course for their children, and some mothers family members promised to extend the invitation to other children, and also to find a place to hold the course. Yesterday they confirmed that there are 14 children and adolescents interested in taking the course and they have already found a place to hold the course. Next week we will be starting with the course in that place of viborillas.

We thank you for this blessing that God gave you and that you share with us. Without a doubt, it will be a great blessing for these places.


Martinez Lopez Family

Without a doubt, the Lord is working in each of the Tech Camps and we are happy to see the opportunities that God is giving us through this beautiful ministry.