Teaching Students that God Created Them with the Ability to Learn

One may wonder how teaching kids’ video editing and programming can be a ministry. A church may ask how can a “Technology Camp” can be an outreach ministry for the church? It’s certainly unique but we have seen the clear fruits in our community from tech camps we have been blessed to offer. In our third tech camp in particular, we clearly saw the impact with our students.

In many of our tech camps, we quickly learn that many of our students are having problems in school. Many are getting poor grades and are really struggling to do well in their classes. Within the classes that we have, apart from Programming and Video Editing, we decided to include a values focused class where we can speak about the word of God and teach them the biblical principles for their lives.

This class allowed us to see that many of the children had a view of themselves completely different from what God says about them in His Word. As an example, most of them did not believe that they could even get good grades in school, because they argued that despite their efforts it was way too difficult. Many had practically given up because in their minds doing well in school was completely unattainable for them.

As we noticed this we decided with our teachers to start praying for each of our students. As we did, the Lord directed us one day to talk about how God had given each of us the ability to learn. Something that we highlighted with the class was explaining in more detail that Programming and Video Editing is not something easy to learn. However, we explained to
them what could be achieved with these two subjects, and how complex they can be. We specifically gave them this message:

“Programming and Video Editing are very difficult subjects to learn, but you have already programmed your first video game. You have even made your first video. You did that even with many of you not knowing how to use a computer at the beginning of this course. Today you have not only learned these skills. Something that many would not be able to do until they are at the university level! Congratulations! Today all of you proved that God gives us the ability to learn, even that which may seem impossible.”

We thank God for this great experience for our students and for the improvements our students made in their grades at school. We’re honored to be a part of what God is doing, as we saw once again what God can do through this unique Ministry.