Third Camp Rio Bravo

We thank God for allowing us to open the third tech camp in our church, this time with more children than before. We were able to have new participants who came to take the Programming and Video Editing courses for the very first time. It was full of challenges, but we could see God working through the ministry which made it all worthwhile. We want to share the story of one of the new members, “Eder” , a boy who came thanks to Kevin and William who we have already told you about in the past. Eder is 11 years old and is the cousin of Kevin and William.

Something incredible is that Eder arrived at the Tech Camp with little to no knowledge working with computers, let alone video editing or programming. We could tell it was going to be hard when we noticed from the first day that He was very shy. He struggled to establish a conversation with others and he preferred to be away from everyone, making it so difficult for us to have a conversation with him.

After the first class we noticed that Eder was very interested, and though he had never heard of programming and had never edited a video, bit by bit he understood the concepts. To our surprise he began to take advanced steps because he discovered how much he liked these classes. After our third lesson we saw how he went from knowing nothing to starting to help his classmates with the exercises!

Over time we were able to have plenty of conversations with him and we managed to introduce him to our group of teenagers in the church. He already is opening up more with the others, and also has a lot of confidence in us. This also allowed us to invite his mother who has begun to attend our studies in the church. At the end of the course, Eder came in first place in the entire camp and is eager to return to take more technology courses and be able to continue learning.

Thank you for your support and encouragement as we continue to equip and impact generations for Christ through Tekton. We couldn’t do it without you!

Third Tech Camp Rio Bravo

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