Learning to Pray

Something incredible that God has allowed us to see through this Programming course is to see the interest that has been aroused from the students to continue learning, but not everything is in the technological because this ministry is a tool to be able to bring them the gospel and one of the things that we have taken advantage of is to teach them the importance of prayer.

Before starting with each class, we decided to dedicate a prayer to thank God for providing all this course and the tools to learn from these technologies, also at the end of each session we thank God for the class, the teachers and for the ability that God gives us to understand and apply these technologies. At first as teachers we were in charge of making these prayers until God put it in our hearts to let the children and adolescents of each class begin to get involved in these prayers, at first it was a real challenge for them since most had never done it. , but we could see how God was working in each of them to the point where prayer became something completely normal for them and became something regular in their lives.

We thank God that we can see how He is Blessing the lives of our students and their families in the spiritual environment.