Tech Camp at Rio Bravo

The Tech Camp has been a great blessing in our Church, I have been able to see how the Lord is working with each student and how they are improving in great steps. We started the camp in mid-August 2021 with a group of children/adolescents, in total there were 15 children who entered this age group from 9 to 14 years old. The group was led by 6 members of the Church, of which only 2 knew programming, but thanks to the ease of the course we could all collaborate and help the students. The group of students with whom we started were completely unaware of what programming is and being able to see everything they have achieved in such a short time fills me with great joy because they always surprised me when putting into practice everything that they learned. Something that totally surprised me is that at the end of each lesson each student created a new project with what was seen in class and it is incredible to see how they began to create animations and games that were more and more advanced for their age, I realized that thanks to this course his creativity and intelligence grew and grew. Not all of our students knew the correct and appropriate use of computers, but thanks to the fact that the course shows each part in detail, it was only a matter of a short time before they could master the basics of its use.

There was a particular class that I remember very well, that day I decided to make a joke by asking them for something a little more advanced than what we had seen in the classes and it would be without help from us, when I finished to give those instructions everyone in the class answered loudly and happily that they accepted the challenge, so I decided to let them carry out this challenge and the result completely exceeded expectations since they not only finished with it but also improved each one of them and gave us something much more advanced, this worked as an example to motivate them to make an effort in the same way that they did with that challenge in everything they set out to do. Something else I can add is that thanks to the program used for the classes (Scratch) the students were eager to continue learning and practicing, many of them used the break to learn more about the Scratch tools and to do personal projects alone just to have fun and to keep learning.

Finally, each of the lessons has a brief Bible teaching which allowed us to take time to pray and share Jesus with each one of our students. It is incredible the opportunities that were opened to us through this because many of them They had no any type of contact with God and now everyone enjoys this time with Him.